Income Tax:

Individuals, Companies and Trusts

Calculation and Submission of Income Tax Returns

Monthly VAT & Accounting Services

Monthly capturing of Financial Information and Preparation of VAT returns


Companies and Intellectual Property Commision

Registration of new Companies and CIPC changes

Financial Statements:

Audit, Independent review, and Compilation of Financial Statements

International Financial Reporting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium sized entities, entity specific reporting frameworks

Deceased Estates

Acting as Executor of Deceased Estates

Pay Slips

Monthly Payroll Services

Meet The Team

About us

Els Chartered Accountants was founded in 1990 by Jan Els, Registered Auditor and Chartered Accountant. The business has been trading as Els Auditors since that date, and in 2021 a rebranding commenced in order to ensure that the business stay in touch with the requirements of the ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution, to maintain a digital footprint and ensuring in offering services to our clients that remain relevant. In 2021 Tanya Els, Chartered Accountant, joined the business.

We believe that the knowledge of a well-established chartered accountant, together with the initiative and mindset of a newly qualified chartered accountant can provide exceptional value to our clients. Well established chartered accountants are in general seen to display a greater level of professionalism. They are punctual and fully focused on their work, dedicated to getting the job done, and honouring commitments. A newly qualified chartered accountant is known to have the ability to progress in their career and won't just do their jobs mindlessly; they're driven and deeply invested in the work they do. Our team consists of outstanding professionals.

Our core values are in line with the SAICA code of professional conduct:

  • Integrity – to be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships.
  • Objectivity – to not allow bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to override professional or business judgments.
  • Professional Competence and Due Care – to maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that a client receives competent professional services based on current developments in practice, legislation and techniques and act diligently and in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards.
  • Confidentiality – to respect the confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships and, therefore, not disclose any such information to third parties without proper and specific authority, unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose, nor use the information for the personal advantage of the chartered accountant or third parties.
  • Professional Behaviour – to comply with relevant laws and regulations and avoid any action that discredits the accountancy profession.

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